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Lisa Kleiman

Owner, Coach, and Author

Initially fearful of public speaking, I gained more experience giving presentations, because I had to in professional settings. Those experiences helped me build confidence, and eventually I took on instructing and training roles. I have coached individuals and facilitated hundreds of classes, workshops, and seminars on developing speaking and written skills for multiple audiences across the globe. I have held management and consulting positions at fortune 500 companies and taught undergraduate / graduate communication and writing courses at a state university and at various academic institutions. Working with clients and students to develop their presentation skills has helped me to understand more about the importance of public speaking. Seeing my students challenge their vulnerabilities and gain confidence at speaking in public, inspired me to embrace what I love doing - helping people get good at and enjoy public speaking. I have a passion for communication and helping others develop their presence and voice with clarity, confidence and authenticity in both written and oral format.