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Lisa Kleiman

Owner, Coach, and Author

Initially fearful of public speaking, I gained experience giving presentations because I had to in school and professional settings, which increasingly mattered as I achieved higher-level roles, including leadership and consulting positions at fortune 500 companies. Eventually, I applied my higher education and professional experience to coaching individuals and facilitating hundreds of classes, workshops, and seminars on developing speaking and written skills for multiple audiences across the globe in business and at universities.

Today, I embrace public speaking opportunities. I get excited when asked to speak in front of a group, no matter the size. I’ve learned strategies that work. The public speaking journey can be rewarding; it’s an accomplishment to give a speech, which will likely include mixed emotions of relief that it’s over and the satisfaction of knowing that you had the courage to complete it.

I am passionate about helping people develop their presence and authentic voice and become confident and polished public speakers, ultimately not only getting good at it but also enjoying the journey.

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