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Personal Coaching Package

Six, 1 Hour Sessions $1,800 ($150 Savings!)

The Personal Coaching Package with Speaktopia is tailored to your public speaking needs. 

We will work on the complete presentation including development, engagement techniques, and mindset and delivery. The package is six, 60-minute sessions by phone, video conference, or in person. You combine hours (i.e. 3, 2-hour sessions, or 2, 3-hour sessions), or as individual six sessions. You can also book sessions over consecutive days, or spread them out across weeks (i.e. 1x/week, 2x/week, 2x/month, etc.).

Includes a FREE copy of the E-book, PUBLIC SPEAKING JOURNAL: Daily Tips, Exercises, and Journaling to Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

What we might work on together:

  • Building your live or virtual presentation from scratch, which may include: audience research, creating objectives for you and for your audience,

  • Clarifying and crystallizing your core message and ideas,

  • Crafting a strong opening and memorable closing,

  • Structuring your presentation for ideal flow, persuasion, and meaning,

  • Building in audience interaction and engagement techniques,

  • Preparing for questions and possible objections,

  • Live practice by video conference or in person, or via video that you upload to YouTube or Vimeo privately,

  • Strengthening and improving your visuals,

  • Developing physical and mental preparation rituals and practices to get you in the right mindset for presenting,

  • Refreshing a tired or outdated presentation, other topics as needed


Your sessions may differ based on your needs.

Contact me and let’s get started on building your public speaking skills!

Public Speaking Courses

Lisa Photo 7.jpeg

Step by Step Guide to Writing and Presenting a Strong, Solid Business Case

Learn how to comfortably and easily deliver a sharp response and a strong unplanned speech on short notice.  Get direct feedback from the instructor and an AI-powered speech coach!

This course teaches you how to write powerful business letters, letters that will transact business quickly, effectively, and courteously. 

Why Hire a Public Speaking Coach?


Targeted to your specific abilities, needs and goals


Choose your preferred time and place - office, home, or event


Feel comfortable in discussing your challenges and share any experiences. All conversations are treated as privileged information and as such, are held in confidence


A typical session includes need analysis, practice and interactiveexercises with direct feedback and recommendations

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