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Getting better at public speaking takes training and practice. A professional instructor or coach can get you to a higher level in your public speaking skill development, providing personalized feedback and training. This applies to skill development in other areas such as with sports, music, acting, and so on. However, even with specialized coaching, to improve efficiently and quickly requires training and practicing on your own. Top athletes, for example, do not likely practice only when their coach is with them. They will continue exercising in between coaching sessions.

Whether with or without a coach, you will still need to know what to do to practice and how you can improve your public speaking skills. We are excited to offer this training journal, “Public Speaking Journal; Daily Tips, Exercises, and Journaling to Develop Your Public Speaking Skills”. It can be used with a coach, or on your own, or in combination of the two. It will take you through daily key exercises for powerful delivery designed to help you transform the way you approach public speaking.

Sustained reflection through journaling can steadily improve your presentation and public speaking skills. Journaling also makes your progress more visible. As you look back over your notes, you can mark the changes in your confidence and approach to developing and planning presentations.

Buy it on Amazon here: PUBLIC SPEAKING JOURNAL

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