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Practice skills online and receive feedback from an expert coach and your peers in a low-pressure, supportive environment.

What to Expect

Our interactive virtual workshops focus on empowering you to speak confidently and effectively at any event and situation.


Our Live Weekly PRACTICE CIRCLE Virtual Workshops

These small group virtual workshops are packed with stimulating activities and role-play exercises.

Practice speaking in a low-pressure, supportive environment in small groups of 3 - 5 people receiving feedback to address your specific issues.

Benefit from peer involvement and experience the power of the group in a fun, safe, and dynamic learning environment.

The sessions are ongoing, with a mix of beginning and advanced students. Attend one or more sessions (see package discount). We hope that you are inspired and not intimidated by varying levels, keeping in mind that those with more experience started with the same fears, progressing to their present level with consistent effort.

Each session addresses a different skill set, with varying practice exercises. There is no order for the sessions. You can attend any, in any order.

Attend one, any, or every week!


$160/Package of 4 Workshops (save $20)


Workshops are held on Zoom and run for 60-minutes.


You will practice in groups of 3-5 people.


Each session includes a mix of instruction and group practice. All participants will receive on the spot peer and facilitator feedback.


Presentation skills, difficult conversations, impromptu, overcoming fear, pitching, and more. New topics each session.

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