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Public Speaker
Your Guide to Speaking with Confidence!


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Webinars, Workshops, Coaching, Key-Note Speeches + Courses

 Speaktopia provides one-on-one and group training to help you speak easily and confidently with clarity, authenticity, and passion at any speaking engagement.


Whether you need help with a conference presentation or sales pitch, speak up and run meetings, hold difficult conversations, and make small talk, or would like to overcome your fear of public speaking, Speaktopia provides highly targeted personal and practical coaching in a safe, supported, and confidential setting.

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Here's a FREE Course on Us!

Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Practical tips and Strategies Anyone Can Apply to Prevent and Manage Nerves when Giving a Presentation

I contacted Lisa hoping to improve my public speaking abilities for work. Together, we were able to identify and label the challenges that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. Her instruction not only allowed me to excel in my craft but also gave me new confidence in my own abilities.

- Ron B.

What We Offer

Speaktopia provides one-on-one and group training helping clients develop skills to tackle any public speaking engagement with clarity and confidence. Training covers everything from personal to message style and presentation.

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Private Coaching

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Keynote Speeches

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Free Initial Consultation

Schedule a free,15-minute consultation call to discuss your questions, concerns, and goals. After our initial consultation, you will receive a recommended action plan.

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In You Got This, author Lisa Kleiman shares her secrets about stepping out in front of any group and successfully delivering your message with clarity, confidence, and authenticity.

Filled with worksheets and helpful tips, You Got This helps you prepare for every possibility—from big picture issues like determining your audience to the smallest details, such as the clothes you’ll wear. Lisa’s easy-to-use You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking guide gives you the all tools you need to present a speech that delivers, including the following:

• Managing speech anxiety
• Planning, speech writing, and practicing
• Strategies to becoming a better presenter
• Knowing when and how to smoothly adapt your message during your speech
• Effectively planning, managing, and addressing audience questions

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